SUPERORGANISM lighting design is not just about cords and plugs but also about how to use natural light to shape and give form to interior space. There is both efficiency in using the sun to light an interior and the experience of an ongoing connection to the natural world. Taking advantage of opportunities to make use of the cinematic quality of sunlight playing on and through openings, windows and doors should be part of any lighting plan. SUPERORGANISM also has experience with a wide variety of artificial light sources and fixtures from pin lighting, spots and floods to fluorescents, framing projectors and neon installation.
clockwise from top left: providing privacy from a public walkway and amplifying the interior light, a large translucent door was inserted into an opening originally used for loading railroad cars, a smaller door is to step outside, the large door pivots open to ease shipping and deliveries in a working studio; hanging lights made from furnace filters were designed to define an interactive table area in a museum exhibit; lighting design and installation for working and presentation in an artists studio; with exposed fixtures and wiring a series of 11 watt cfl's lined up on a aluminum slat provide generous and interesting lighting; a more symmetrical version of the previous light bar; suspended passive and active lighting structures bounce natural light into a space as part of the outside-in-loft, there are separate controls for up lighting which illuminates the wooden ceiling beams in the evening or down lighting which provides bright task lighting.