Many SUPERORGANISM projects have been designed and built, or fabricated from plans, scribbles, notes or ideas, for artists. These include unique designs for living spaces or for the studio: storage, organization, furniture and lighting. And for gallery or museum spaces: custom platforms, vitrines, pedestals, shelving, framing, furniture and installation and lighting. SUPERORGANISM artist services is about design solutions for the working artist in the spaces where they live, conduct their studio practice and show.
top: an art cart with drawers constructed as a series of flat bottom shallow trays that can be removed and rearranged or used at a drawing table, the top shelf hinges down so that the cart can be crated and shipped for on site work. middle row: a canvas storage structure built from a prefinished plywood and edged with aluminum to eliminate chipping, since there is no framed work stored here the surface works as a smooth gloss finish; a series of large lightweight smooth tabletops for drawing designed to be used with modified table legs; a detail of the painting storage structure built-in to a small room in a studio; a platform fabricated from plans with a hidden hinged beveled side to allow a fork lift to transport the artwork and base together; one of a series of modular storage units. bottom: lighting design and installation for working and presentation in an artists studio; the table tops are only 2 1/2" thick but can span 8', 7' and 6' without bowing to support large drawings.