SUPERORGANISM projects for inside have ranged from the architectural: a freestanding and mobile closet, built-in kitchen, dividing wall and a experimental suspended sleeping loft to pieces for everyday use such as: rolling modular kitchen units, wheeled work units, a bookcase that divides a room, desk systems, furniture, storage for all the spaces of your home, closet additions, specialized shoe and accesory storage and designs for baths and bedrooms. If there is somewhere inside your home that doesn’t quite work, SUPERORGANISM can suggest specific solutions that will function for how you live.
clockwise from top left: kitchen cabinets with drawers and pull-out shelf that can be an island or used under the counter; a view of the back of a bookcase / display cabinet to hold large format art books, it makes efficient use of materials while maximizing structural strength and can also delineate and screen a space; a simple storage or transport unit which can be scaled up or built as multiples; small item storage hopefully reviving the mid-century love of pegboard, there is a mirror and pegboard door version for the bath; a hamper unit and sliding door cabinet in a material and style to match a live/work space interior; tuberoom mobile space; a work grouping, each piece finished on all sides, designed to define a private office inside a public space includes a compact desk that can be arranged with a paper sorting table and a small file box; a structural metal wall with adjustable storage and task shelving is mobile and designed for heavy duty use.