Generous storage space with a compact work area, the built-in see-through-kitchen turns a master bedroom suite into an apartment. The materials echo the existing design: light wood, white surfaces and frame the view of an orange tree by a pool in the backyard of a 1960’s California ranch house. A stripe of the kitchen bounce lighting projects through below a beam at the top while natural light is filtered through a white polycarbonate panel on the side. Most of the components were built as finished pieces of furniture and so can be removed and reused without an extensive demolition and remodel.
clockwise from top left: layers of cabinets extend into the space from the window; a graphic plan of the space- the door on the top left of the main room leads to a hall, closet and bath, the door on the top right leads to a patio and the pool, windows are on the right and bottom; the functional geometric design is animated by light: from above with color-balanced low-energy fluorescent, then diffused and reflected natural light, and at the center a framed image maintains a connection to the outdoors; overall view.