The backyard on a roof is designed to function in the only outdoor recreational space of a photographers’ live/work building- the roof. It is a long but very narrow space that is used to host large gatherings, family activities and private relaxing. The components of this design, a shaded deck on wheels with a picnic table and benches, matching modular benches and rolling planters, can be rearranged and moved to function for all of the social requirements of this space. From two sides the shaded deck is a large vertical element that mirrors the stair rise and provides a ‘marker’ that delineates spaces, but the solid form dissolves when turned and the structure becomes a frame for a view or a stage. All of the pieces are fabricated largely of a natural deep reddish brown Brazilian hardwood, extremely dense and durable for outdoors, in a horizontal patterned design that parallels the spatial qualities of the setting, existing architecture and color palette.