SUPERORGANISM is a los angeles design/build studio creating projects that range from architectural interventions to furniture and lighting. SUPERORGANISM starts at the beginning with a question: What do you want your space to do? SUPERORGANISM values visual simplicity, intuitive structure and informal materials. SUPERORGANISM is an approach to design and fabrication that reconsider assumptions about the things we interact with everyday to arrive at an integrated design solution. SUPERORGANISM is a process that balances the perceptual and temporal experience of an object's form and function with it's ability to communicate concepts and culture. Tom Villa started SUPERORGANISM in 2009.

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Tom Villa

Tom studied design at U.C.L.A. and has worked in design and art his entire life. He has 15 years experience in visual merchandising including designing, fabricating, installing and lighting retail window displays; merchandising and styling shops and displays; specifying and installing a variety of signage and managing visual associates at Saks Fifth Avenue. Tom also has 10 years experience starting with art services companies and continuing as freelance for museum, gallery and university shows and events. Along the way were many projects in professional and art photography, part of a lifetime interest in graphic representation. This practice in both two and three dimensional design fields has shaped the SUPERORGANISM process to blend the layered graphic communications with the unfolding understanding of an object in space.

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